Thursday, January 19, 2012


We heard it was going to be bitterly cold today (-11*F when I woke up; -8*F right now), so on Tuesday, the kids and I made some colored water and put it on our back deck to freeze.  In the process, we learned a little something about color mixing--Pal was pretty amazed that if she mixed yellow and blue together she got green.
We left our containers of colored water outside until this morning, when we dumped them out onto cookie sheets and got to work building.
I was a little concerned that this activity wouldn't hold their interest for too long.  I mean, once you build a tower, what else is there to do?  But the kids had so much fun--they were playing with the ice for over 45 minutes, and I'm sure they would have continued, but our third friend arrived and they raced off to do other fun things.

When we were done, we put our ice back in its containers and put it back outside to wait until the next time.  If it's warm enough to play outside next time, Pal plans to set up a bowling alley (almost typed rink there--I don't know about you, but I think a bowling rink would be lots of fun :-)

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