Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boot Camp Birthday: Party Favors (I mean uniform & supplies)

As promised, here is the next installment in the Boot Camp Birthday series: uniform and supplies.

That's the birthday recruit on the right
Upon arrival, each recruit was issued a personalized Dog Tag and Helmet (use a silver or black sharpie to write the child's last name on the helmet), and applied Camo Face Paint.  I thought about giving them all buzz cuts, just to make the experience a bit more authentic, but I figured some of the parents wouldn't be too happy about that (actually, there are a couple I'm sure wouldn't have minded :)
I managed to remember to get a picture of about half of the recruits in their standard issue uniforms before they went and got all muddy and sweaty and stuff.

Upon completion of Birthday Boot Camp, each recruit was given a certificate of completion along with some goodies.
Each bag contained a camo foam glidergreen paratroopertoy soldierscamo bouncey ball (from Party City), water grenades, and Boot Camp Survival Snack Mix.  Of course they got to keep their dog tags and helmets as well.

The certificate reads:
This is to certify that
{Lastname}, {Firstname}
has completed
Basic Birthday Training
at Bluefield Boot Camp
Thanks for coming!

Click here for a free printable that you can download and edit.

This is the third of four Boot Camp Birthday posts.  Up next: training exercises.  Click here to see them all.

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