Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off to Kindergarten

Pal was late this morning because she had kindergarten orientation.  I knew that Roger and I were going to miss her next year, but this morning somehow made it more official.  Our little Pal is going to kindergarten.  For real.

Pal is just 6 months older than Roger, which means really, they're the same age.  That's the way I've been thinking about them all this time, anyway, since almost 2 years ago when her mom brought Pal over for the first time to discuss me caring for her part-time.  In the two years since, Pal has become an important part of our lives--we've learned from each other and grown together, and Pal and Roger have become best friends.

It has honestly been as close to an ideal situation for both of our families as I can imagine.  We were both so fortunate to have intersected paths in this way, and to have enjoyed this season of our preschoolers lives together.

But at this age, four, a 6 month age difference is huge, and today just really brought that home for me.  Suddenly, she seems so much older, so much more mature, so ready for kindergarten. 

Pal's going to do awesome in kindergarten.  We're going to miss her.

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