Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Fun To Do List: the new pool

You know, the one with the zipline and the climbing wall.

This was my activity choice, and we had a great time :)

AKD doing his Spiderman impression on the climbing wall

Cliff jumping
So there was lots of fun stuff at the pool--I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, because I was busy playing...but, in addition to the climbing and jumping cliff, there were 4 slides in the play area, including one that was wide enough for our whole family to go down at one time (and we did), a zipline that MC and AKD both zipped on,

and a lazy river, along with lots of sprinkling and spraying things.

Playing in the sprinkles

The best part?
MC jumped.  Lots of times.  Told you he was brave.

Here's the updated Summer Fun To-Do List.  With a little less than half of the summer gone, we are a little more than half done with our list
  • the new pool--the one with a zipline and a climbing wall you can jump off of into the water  Done. Zippily.
  • cave (ahhh, 50* F year-round)
  • take a picnic lunch and bike along the river in the city, play in the fountain, and watch the barges
  • indoor waterpark
  • mountain biking with friends Done. Exuberantly.
  • kayaking (perhaps in Colorado) Done, but not the Colorado part.
  • trampoline place Done. Flyingly.
  • inflatable jumpy place Done. Boingingly.
  • big zoo
  • hike to the waterfall Done. Beautifully.
  • take a train ride Done. Chuggingly.
  • beach--the one at the man made lake, with the really cool play structure nearby

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  1. Wow, that is fun! I love pools that offer more activities than just swimming. This is very hard to do because you have to consider the design of the pool and the safety of the guests as well. I think this pool fit both those criteria. I’m glad the kids had a great time!


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