Monday, August 27, 2012

The Kissing Hand Back to School Crafts

OK, so I know that a lot of you are back to school already, but we've got a week to go.  And, oh what a push it's been to get everything finished that needs to be finished.  I'm sure you can relate.  Or not.  Whatever.

Our nephew is heading off to kindergarten this fall, and his little brother is starting preschool (they call it 3-school where they live, which is descriptive, I guess, but it always throws me for a bit of a loop when they call it that.  Here (and everywhere else I've ever lived), it's preschool.  Just preschool.  And then sometimes they call the 4 yr old classes pre-K, I think to make themselves feel important.  Anyway...).  Big month in the D household.

Ua had some separation difficulties when he was in 3-school, and I know his mom is feeling a little apprehensive that it'll continue in kindergarten.  And I am no stranger to school and separation issues.  My poor little AKD cried of kindergarten for about the first 2 months.  It wasn't pretty, but I didn't know what to do to ease his anxiety.  If I had known then what I know now...but I digress.

So I sent the boys a couple of back to school crafts based on The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.

The Kissing Hand is a lovely story about Chester the raccoon starting school for the first time.  He's not sure if he'll like it and is feeling anxious and worried about how it'll go.  His mama reassures him, and then shows him a family secret: the kissing hand.  Mama lovingly kisses Chester's hand and tells him that whenever he's missing her, all he needs to do is hold his hand up to his cheek for a kiss and to remember that his mama loves him.

It really is a sweet story, just perfect for little ones who are separating from their parents for the first time or trying something new.

I sent the boys a copy of the book, then had them make shrinky dink kissing hands to keep with them at school, attached to their backpacks.  They made extras for Mom to keep with her as well :)

To make your own, follow the instructions here to use recycled plastic OR use blank shrinky dink material--you can find it at craft stores or online.

I also sent this free printable Kissing Hand poem that I found on Pinterest
It reads:
Here's a special thing to do
When I am scared of leaving you.
Hold my hand, then kiss it here.
The kiss will help to keep you near.
It will help me through my day
So I can work and learn and play.

Just print, cut out, and glue to one side of a piece of paper.  Next paint the child's hand, and place it carefully on the other side of the paper (or just trace the child's hand).  Cut out a red construction paper heart and glue it in the center of the handprint.

Have fun making your Kissing Hand crafts, and best wishes for a terrific school year!


  1. Did you seal the shrinky dinks? If so, what did you use? My 4-year-old has me kiss her hand every day and I was looking up the kissing hand and came across this. She also loves shrinky dinks so this is an awesome craft to do with her :) Thanks!!

  2. Jennifer, it never even occurred to me to seal them, so we didn't. Months later, they're fine. Come back and let me know if you tried it.


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