Friday, September 28, 2012


I made an error, a slip-up, a blunder.  I miscalculated; I messed up. 

I used the impending arrival of guests as a handy excuse to replace the tattered and mildewed shower curtain liner in the bathroom that guests use.  As I stood in the shower curtain aisle of the Bullseye store, I debated.  Cream, white, or clear?    Clear, white, or cream?  I decided on clear, reasoning that, in our less-than ideally lit bathroom, a transparent liner would allow more light to illuminate the shower stall.

And I was right.  It does let in more light, which is lovely.  But I hadn't anticipated one major drawback of a transparent shower curtain liner.  You see, our shower curtain is beautiful and light.  And see-through.  I knew this, of course.  Of course I knew our shower curtain was see-through.  It's just that we had always had a cream shower curtain liner before, so we could see through the curtain, but just to the liner.  I would pull the curtain to hide the bathtub, and all of its accompanying...stuff.

Now, I have no way to hide the clutter in the bathtub.  It's a little distorted by the plastic of the liner, but still clearly visible.  And I'm disappointed.  It bugs me.

Not to worry, though, friends.  The basement bathroom has a cream shower curtain liner...and a solid brown shower curtain.  All I need to do to fix my goof is switch 'em.

If only all of life's mistakes were this easy to correct...

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