Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Road Trip Tool Kit--Bubble Gum

It's not exactly road trip season, but a lot of people do hit the road at this time of year, visiting family for holidays, so I thought I'd share another secret weapon in our road trip arsenal, to be used only in case of emergency: bubble gum.
Hubba Bubba Original
Yup, that's right, bubble gum.

Let me set the scene for ya.  It's August.  Our family has just spent about 45 hours traveling vast distances together in our Suburban in the past week, when we hit what is perhaps the worst rush hour traffic we have ever seen.  We are sitting still more than we're moving, and when we are moving, we are inching painfully forward, less than a car length at a time.  Someone has to go to the bathroom, more than one someone is hungry, and pretty much everyone is ready to crawl out of their skin.  It's an hour and a half in to what is usually about a half hour journey through the city, and we are less than halfway through.  Did I mention I was driving and Hubby was on a conference call for work?  Yeah.  So much fun.

That's when I deployed the Hubba Bubba for...what else?  A bubble blowing contest.  Bubby was just 4 at the time, and could barely fit his piece in his cute little mouth to even chew it.  MC couldn't figure out the technique and kept spitting it out when he tried to blow.  AKD was competent, but I have to say I won, hands down. 

It was hilarious, as in my tummy hurt from laughing so hard.  While our contest was going on, we had to be quiet for Daddy's phone call, which just made everything funnier.  The bubble blowing contest provided just enough silly to snap us all out of our traffic-and-travel-induced funk.  And the best part?  Our bubble blowing contest kept us fully occupied for a good half hour.   A miracle, to be sure. 

Hubba bubba, I humbly thank you.

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