Friday, March 18, 2016

Our printer

I'm typing on a laptop right now--it's my main computer, used for most of my computing needs.  Since it's a laptop, and therefore portable, I will, from time to time, unplug and take it elsewhere to work.

When I decide to print something, I will click "print" and whatever it is will go to a queue to digitally wait until such time as the laptop is connected to the printer again.  Our wireless printer went caput, so we're using our "old" printer which requires a physical connection to print.

Quite often, AKD will be the one to turn the computer on after it's been away from its home for a while, and the printer will start making its noises and spitting out printed pages, which are often coupons or recipes.

And then AKD will tell me that the printer wants us to buy...oreos, or jellybeans, or Mars candy...or wants us to make...whatever delectable recipe has just magically appeared in our printer's tray.

The really fun part is, sometimes I forget what I've sent to the printer.  Then AKD and I are both surprised :)

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