Friday, March 10, 2017

This week in crazy dreams (2)

Here's this week's edition of the Scarlet's Crazy Dream show:

Saturday: You know those baby portraits by Anne Geddes? The ones where the babies are dressed like flowers, fruit, or cute animals? And bent at angles that would be impossible for a human adult to attain?  And they're usually diaper-less?  I was at the hospital because I had another baby (again with the babies), and I posed all of the babies who had been born that day (which was 9) into a question mark. It was super-Anne-Geddes-cute, except their skin was all mottled because they were cold. So I wrapped them all up in colorful fuzzy blankets.

Monday: I stood up to someone who had been marginalizing me for years. It felt womderful and horrible, and I was really glad when I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

Tuesday: We were at my parents' house, and Bubby needed stitches on his head.  I remember thinking, "poor Bubby. Why is it always Bubby?"  It was night, and while we were waiting for the doctor to call back (why would we wait instead of just going to the ER?  Good question), it became apparent that we had acquired several exotic pets, including a mini hippo and elephant (the size of guinea pigs), two seals, and some exotic fish that we removed from the freezer and were keeping in a pot on the stove (we were NOT cooking them, although the seals did want to eat them). Most of the dream consisted of Hubby and me sitting on the floor while new pets emerged and we fed them.  At one point, I remember thinking that we were completely out of vegetables, but then I remembered the romaine, which we then fed to a tortoise. Finally, it was morning, and we headed out to get Bubby's head taken care of.  On the way out, we passed a group having a dinner party, which consisted entirely of undercooked baked potatoes, in my parents' dining room.  Outside, the neighbor had returned from a fishing trip, so the road turned into a river and slowly drained, leaving dozens of large fish flopping around in the neighbor's driveway.

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