Friday, March 24, 2017

This week in crazy dreams (3)

They're baaaaack!  Well, maybe not--only one dream this week, but it was definitely crazy.  For your reading pleasure, I present: this week's crazy dream.

I brought Hubby along with me on a mystery shopping assignment and it was going poorly. I was supposed to interact with four different employees in four different departments, but there were only two employees on the sales floor.  Even if there had been more, because of the small size of the store, it would have been extremely awkward for me to try to engage with four different people.

Just when I was thinking there was no way I could complete this assignment, I noticed 4 or 5 employees congregating near the back of the store. As I made my way over, more people kept joining the meeting until there were 9 or 10 of them.  Where had these people been hiding?!  When I was close enough to hear, they opened the door and stormed out angrily because they had all been fired.  Yup, all of them, which left this tall, pale, creepy looking guy who had missed a spot shaving as the lone employee/owner.

As Hubby and I left, me contemplating how I was going to write about that in my report, Chef Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible burst in to save the day.  I stepped in a puddle and saw the swarm of fired-employees on and around a red convertible in the parking lot, and they started singing, Grease-style.

John Travolta was so young...

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