Monday, March 6, 2017

Menu plan for the week of March 5

March 5, y'all!  Uffda.

The weather here in our neck of the woods is definitely spring-like, which is fitting, since it's spring break for my kiddos.  The spring-y-ness is causing an abundance of sap, which, I suppose, is a good problem to have?  Maybe?  One of my taps was literally overflowing this morning, which, along with the occurrence of spring break, leads me to regret my decision to not cook sap yesterday.  With the exception of Worship, we were home all day yesterday, and it's not like cooking sap is difficult--it's just time consuming.  There's not even a whole lot of hands-on effort required--about once an hour, I just need to add sap to the pot; whenever I notice scum, I skim it off.  But even though I knew I would have a busy week with more time away from home than usual, I couldn't bring myself to cook sap yesterday.

It'll be ok.  If I run out of sap collection vessels, the taps will just keep running and I won't be able to collect it, but that's what was going to happen at the end of the season anyway, if sap kept flowing after I finished my two quarts of syrup.  I just feel like a jerk, taking the trees' hard-earned sap away from them and not even using it.  It's not like we even like these particular trees--they're kind of like weeds to us.  It feels disrespectful, though.

Anyway!  Spring break is upon us, and we've got all sorts of fun plans.  Maybe I'll share later, or maybe not.  In any case, that's enough gabbing: on to the menu!

5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Steak Fajitasfrom Fit SlowCooker Queen


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