Monday, May 8, 2017

Menu plan for mid-May

Hey everybody.  Sorry I'm late again.  I think this means I need to acknowledge that life is about to get busy (or, ahem, has already gotten busy), and the menu posts will be a bit more sporadic for the next couple of months.  Don't worry, though, friends.  If you're in need of menu inspiration, just check the archives.  In the meantime, just in case I don't get to it next week, I've got two weeks of menus for you today.

I forgot to tell you last week that I did finally get that pizza sauce done.  Yay!  Now we're all set for several months of yummy homemade pizza.

We're supposed to have Sunday night stew today (on a Monday--how scandalous!), but last week I forgot to get turnips, and then I subsequently forgot to get them again every time I entered a store that would sell such a thing, all week long.  Tomorrow, then, I guess.  Today, my version of comfort food, which, for some reason, isn't as comforting for the rest of the people around here.  Oh well.

This week:

Week 2 (with decidedly less detail):

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