Monday, May 15, 2017

Menu plan for the week of May 15

Well, well, well, lookie here, a menu post.  And on time, even.  I guess the fact that I planned two weeks last week really helped when I wanted to think about planning this week.  Know what also helped?  Menu plan break-down.  It's just that time of year y'all.  I don't have time to cook and I don't feel like cooking.  Which means some of last week's meals didn't get made and I pushed them to this week.

This week I'm making ranch dressing mix and taco seasoning, because I'm almost out of both.  I make them in batches and store them in empty peanut butter jars.  I wrote out the recipes and taped them to the jars so when I'm running low and want to make more I don't have to look up the recipe.  Seconds count when one is running out of taco seasoning.

I'm also making brownies and cookies this week.  Because Bubby is playing on a traveling soccer team this year, we are required to work a certain number of volunteer hours during the season.  There's a tournament this weekend, and I found out that they would give me credit for one volunteer hour for every dozen individually wrapped baked goods I brought to the tournament to be sold.  This is sooo in my wheelhouse, so I immediately grabbed enough cookie and brownie spots to fulfill our volunteer requirement.  Eight dozen brownies and chocolate chip cookies, coming right up.

Supper this week:
  • Fend for yourself/leftovers
  • Tacos, tortillas, taco toppings
  • Cracked out chicken noodle casserole, green beans, peaches
  • Easy beef stroganoff, corn, applesauce
  • Hamburgers, buns, green stuff, chips, carrots
  • Grad party (fingers crossed they have supper-type food there!)
  • Grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, grilled veggie


Supper next week (with less detail):

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