Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Birthday chickens

It's the big girls' birthday!  They're a year old, which means they are officially hens, as opposed to pullets.

 Bubby recently mastered the art of dual wielding chickens.  Now he does it as often as possible.

If Esther gets a wing loose, it's all over.

 Rocky kept moving her head when I snapped the pictures, so I had Bubby hold her still. 

She was still blurry for the first three snaps.  She kind of looks like she's headbanging,  doesn't she?

I was going to make them a cake, but then I didn't.  Instead I threw down handfuls of dried mealworms and black oil sunflower seeds, which they proceeded to gobble down, and then they insisted that they needed more.

These chickens.  They've added such joy to my life.  One of my very favorite things is to hang out down by the chicken coop, listening to podcasts, and watching my girls.  They are my therapy.

Happy birthday, girls.

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