Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chicken integration

On Sunday afternoon when I arrived at the chicken coop to check on the girls, I found the littles sitting on the roost that was above their safe space, and Toasty Crunch and Rocky in the littles' safe space digging a huge hole.  Seriously.  It was deeper than they were.  And incidentally, that dirt under there looked really rich and nutrient dense.  If I don't find enough dirt in my compost bin, I can just dig some out of the chicken run.  

Yeah.  The time has come for full integration, because I can't keep the bigs out of the littles' space anymore.

Sunday evening, I took the crate out, and the girls were on their own and fully integrated.  The run seems so spacious now that the crate is out and the ramp is back in its usual location.  

Since the integration, the littles have spent a lot of time doing this:

While the bigs are doing this, below:

I'm a little concerned about the littles eating and drinking.  I have seen all three of them doing both, but they are interrupted often by bigs deciding to chase them.  I've seen Esther come away with a few feathers in her mouth from these chases.  I'm hoping they'll all calm down soon, and learn to get along. 

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