Monday, February 24, 2020

Menu plan for the week of February 24

I don't know, y'all.  I just don't know.  Can one of you please tell me what to make this week?  No fish, no chicken thighs, no sugar, no "cream of" soups, no crock pot, and every cheesy thing has to be cheese-optional.  Bonus points if it's low in carbohydrates, or easily adaptable to be.

I am strongly leaning, almost horizontally leaning, toward making each person in this household choose, plan for, and execute supper at least once week, because I am so done.  I am empty of ideas.  The only reason I haven't already implemented this plan is that I fear it will dissolve into fend for yourself every night.  And I value family meals too much to let that happen.

OK.  Here's what I've got for this week, but next week, it's on you.  Drop your meal suggestions in the comments here or on Facebook, or if you read my blog via email, you can just hit reply.


  • Spaghetti/zoodles with meatballs (we're a little over halfway through our warehouse store bag of meatballs), garlic toast, oven roasted cauliflower
  • Pancakes, bacon, fresh fruit
  • Chicken bacon ranch sliders, green beans
  • Hot dogs or hamburgers, buns, chips, raw veggies
  • Tacos with taco toppings (enchiladas for Hubby, because I still have a bit of enchilada sauce in the freezer)
  • Creamy Smoked Sausage Mac (or cauli) and Cheese,(using half a bag of Gemelli, even though I kind of want to save it for pasta salad, which no one will eat) steamed broccoli
  • Grilled chicken, salad, mixed veggies, garlic toast

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  1. We roasted a whole turkey breast (bone-in) in the oven last week. It went over pretty well, and made for some great leftover turkey salads. I guess it's been long enough since Christmas/Thanksgiving to taste good again after Valentine's day.


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