Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Our Free Trial

In the interests of finishing my watch-all-Star-Wars-movies-in-timeline-order goal, and in acknowledgement that my primary method of consuming movies (the library) is closed right now, I signed up for a free one week trial of Disney+.  We've made great progress on the Star Wars goal, and now we only have three films left (I think?  I don't have my list here right now and it is too much work to look it up and filter through all those millions of results again).

We're not watching those final three right now because Hubby is watching along with us, and someone has to work around here, and also, the third of those three isn't available yet.  In the meantime, I asked the kiddos if there was anything available from Disney+ that they wanted to watch, and MC said he'd like to watch Marvel.

So we're watching Marvel in release order.  We're up to Iron Man 3.  Y'all, I admit that I am not paying very close attention, but these movies don't make a whole lot of sense.  There's a whole lot of people stabbing and shooting each other and blowing things up, and not a lot of story.  Why do people like these movies?

AKD tells me that the Marvel universe makes more sense if the movies are watched in timeline order.  He also said that you kind of have to watch them twice to actually be able to follow the story.

I am not watching these again.

I do like Tony Starks' house in this one.  Well, until it got destroyed about 10 minutes in.

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