Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Cricut brag post

I definitely go through periods of time where it seems impossible to do anything creative, and the advent of our state's stay at home order seemed like one of those times.  So here I was thinking that I had done hardly any Cricuting in the past few months, but in the midst of the impossible, I've been able to find pockets of inspiration.  I was planning on making this Cricut brag post part of a Random Thoughts with Scarlet post, but I've done enough projects since my last Cricut brag post in February that you're getting a whole separate post.

Here they are, in reverse chronological order.

 I made this sign for my aunt--it's an inside joke between her and my uncle.  It's pretty rustic, but I love the way it turned out.

 I made this sign for a friend whose female kitten keeps attacking my friend's husband when he tries to enter my friend's office.  I figured my friend's husband needed a sign to remind him to stay out, because he keeps going in there, despite Elf the kitten's insistence to the contrary.

 I kind of flinch when people refer to what's happening right now as being quarantined, because we (most of us) are not quarantined.  If we were quarantined, we wouldn't be able to go anywhere at all.  Nowhere.  Not the grocery store.  Not to pick up take-out.  Not to go for a walk.  Nowhere.

But this is what the customer wanted.  And when the customer is a high school senior whose k12 school career is ending nothing like she expected it to go, I'm willing to flinch a little.

 Hubby's cousin welcomed a new little one, so I made a onesie.  So sweet.

 Bunnies for Easter.

 Carrots for the bunnies.

 I'm hoping this holds true for this year.

These projects were completed before our state ordered us to stay home.
 This one might look familiar.  I made a similar sign for a silent auction.  This one is for my brother and sis.  Actually, I'm not sure my brother even knows about it, so maybe it's just for my sis.

 I made this sign for a friend of mine who has two grown children.

 I made this sign for a friend.  It's something her youngest kiddo said when he was 5 or 6 years old.  I love this idea!  Did your kiddo say cute things when they were young?

One of our pastors shared that in a meeting, she had been asked what her word of the year was.  Not having really thought about it before, she sort of panicked and said the first word that came to mind.  It's not a bad word, and I hope it's been a good guide for her in 2020.

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