Thursday, October 18, 2012

Social Drinking

My (four year old) Roger volunteered to host the next time our moms' book group meets.  I think he just wants to have his friend Car over to play, which can be arranged, my dear Bubby, without inviting a dozen women to my house at the same time.  Anyway, he volunteered, and I agreed, and because it's my nature, even though it's 3 weeks from now, I'm already stressing out about considering how/if/what to serve for refreshments.

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You see, when people get together, they drink.  Coffee, tea, iced tea, wine, beer.  I don't like coffee, tea, iced tea, wine or beer (not that I think we should be drinking wine or beer at 9 o'clock in the morning)--none of 'em.  Heck, I don't even like soda all that much.  Hot cider and cocoa are fine, at least I don't hate them, but I'd really rather just have ice water.  Or skim milk.

It's a real conundrum.  I want to be social, but I just don't like those social drinks, and I can't bring myself to drink them.  OK, I can bring myself to drink them, but I can't do it without making tortured looking faces.  I can never invite another mom out for coffee, because I don't like coffee.  The baristas (and my invitee) might look at me a little funny when I say, oh, I'll just have ice water, especially when I do not order a pastry to go with it because 1. mine taste better, 2. theirs are overpriced, and 3. I just don't need the calories.

So I'm currently agonizing about social drinks for this little gathering.  Should I make a pot of coffee?  Make hot water (in the coffee pot) and set out instant coffee, hot chocolate, and tea bags?  Do nothing?  Break out the candy cane cocktails and grasshoppers?

I have to tell you, I'm leaning toward the hot water, because I can make a mean hot cocoa station.  I'm a little reluctant to implement this option, however, because I know that there are people out there who feel this way about coffee:
coffee Pictures, Images and Photos
Maybe I should just warn them that they'll need to bring their own social drinks.

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