Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Some time ago I bought a product that has a new light-weight absorbent material in it. It's much more expensive than the same product made with other materials, about double, but I had some good coupons and it went on sale, so my out of pocket cost was less to buy the new product. It's OK--I actually prefer the older style, not necessarily because of absorbency, but because of other issues, but it struck me as a little funny that it's advertised as being a very light-weight material (it is much lighter than its standard counterpart), but one of its main selling points is that it absorbs 10 times its weight. Well, P&G, 10x not very much is still not very much! For a while I was trying to get Code-man to test diaper absorbency for his science fair project this year--he didn't seem too interested in that idea...

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