Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kicking Chunks

I enjoy kicking chunks.  You know what I mean...that build-up of ice and dirt that collects on vehicles, usually on the fenders behind the tires...  I like kicking those off.  It's just so satisfying to me.  I don't know why. 

Bubby has picked up on the practice now.  We've been having optimal chunk-forming conditions around here: just the right amount of slush, just the right amount of cold, to form some really rewarding chunks.  When we're out and about, each time we get out of our big ol' 'burban, Bubby walks around it looking for chunks to kick.  I personally like to wait until the chunks have reached a nice big conical shape before kicking them, but Bubby will kick any little build-up he finds.

All this chunk kicking (and really, if you've never tried it, you should--it's strangely gratifying--just be careful not to kick the really solidly frozen ones) has brought up an interesting question of etiquette: is it OK to kick chunks off of other people's vehicles?  Although I'm pretty sure that Emily Post has never addressed this issue, I'm thinking the answer is probably, "not so much," but I really, really would like it to be "sure! go for it!"  Because sometimes there are some really delicious chunks on other people's vehicles, just there for the kicking.  And with Bubby kicking the chunks off of the vehicle I primarily drive, I'm just not getting enough of a fix.

I did it today.  I kicked someone else's chunk, first carefully looking around to be sure no one was looking.  I felt like some kind of criminal, even though I was doing that driver a favor, and it was obvious that she wasn't interested in kicking chunks herself or this one would have been gone--it was so large it was impeding movement of the wheel.  Maybe I can save the world, one chunk at a time.  I'll be Super Chunk Kicking Woman and wear a glittery silver cape and a black mask with purple sequins.  Ah, if only Ms. Post were around to advise me on this matter... What do you think, friends? 


  1. Not ok. There is no way to know if this person was saving this chunk for a REAL gratifying kick. Unless you ask and get permission. Don't do it.


  2. I kicked someone else's chunk once, and didn't even get so much as a "thank you" in return. Some people! ;-)

  3. I hope that kicking at chunks doesn't set off car alarms


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