Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scarlet's score or, perhaps secret confessions

At Target this morning I got a 42 oz box of Quaker quick oats, 2 boxes of Special K cereal, 1 bar of soap, 2-55 yd dental floss, a bottle of shampoo, and 40 Halls sore-throat/cough drops, and spent $1.45 (and I gained a new favorite cashier at that particular store).  That's like paying for the cough drops and getting everything else free (and yes, we will use all of these things).  Isn't that exciting?  Well, I know at least one of my readers is cheering for me, although even she is probably thinking, at least I'm not so obsessed that I take pictures of my shopping trips (next I'll be taking pictures of my mailbox)...
On a side note, and to further illustrate my obsession/mental illness/insanity, last night, knowing that I would be making a trip to Target today, and knowing further than my Hubby is currently suffering from a sore throat (as am I), and being in possession of Halls coupons, I asked my Hubby if he needed any more sore throat drops.  He replied in the affirmative.  So far, pretty normal, right? 

Then I said, "how soon do you need them?  I can get them tomorrow, but they'll cost 22 cents, are you sure you want me to pay 22 cents for them, because if we wait, I'm sure we can get them for free.  In fact, I can get Vicks throat drops for free at Walgreens tomorrow.  Would you like to try those?"  My husband chuckled and told me that paying 22 cents would be OK, and that he would even be willing to pay $3 for them (gasp), if he needed them (well, now that brings up a whole 'nother story about needs versus wants, because Hubby, you don't really need cough drops.  You would survive without them, albeit more uncomfortably, and we do still have the Vicks drops, which were free).  Can you imagine?  Three whole dollars for something that I was able to get for 22 cents.  That is more than 12 times what I paid.  This, my friends, is why I am our household's procurement manager (even though I'm not so sure it's good for my mental health).


  1. Way to go! I'm excited for you too! Although you can keep the halls because I'd rather not need them. I completely understand the needs vs wants! I've got lots of things I want that I needs to get!!! ;-)

  2. I am so jealous by your recent grocery savings! And by your crafty skills! And your use of "procurement"! You are funny!

  3. I bet there are trained professionals that could help cure you of your affliction. SEEK HELP!


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