Monday, March 10, 2014

Menu Plan for the Week of March 10

Have you noticed (in all one of my previous menu plan posts) that I like to make extra food and stick it in the freezer for future meals?  Last week, we ate Baked Ziti from the freezer, and I made extra Pizza Casserole to freeze.  Some people call this freezer cooking.  I call it sensible.  It's not much more work to double or triple a freezer-friendly recipe, and you'll really appreciate being able to just pull something out of the freezer on busy days instead of getting take-out or serving cold cereal again.  You'll also appreciate being able to eat for 2 or 3 or 4 meals, but having to prep, and more importantly, wash dishes, only once.

This week, we are again eating a meal from the freezer and doubling a recipe to add to our stash of ready-made meals in the freezer.  I may do a future post about freezer cooking how-tos, but in the mean time just google "freezer cooking."

Try it--you might like it.

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

Here's what we're eating this week.

--Chicken bundles (from the freezer--similar to this recipe, but we add onion soup mix instead of the onions and garlic salt), mixed vegetables, applesauce
--Tacos, carrots
--Creamy crock pot chicken and rice, broccoli/cauliflower/carrot medley (I might throw the veggies in the crock pot, too, to make this a one-pot meal)
--Make-ahead bacon mini meatloaves (I will be doubling this recipe and making 15 meatloaves so I can put some in the freezer for 2 future meals, and substituting ground turkey for some of the beef), mashed potatoes (from the freezer), oven roasted green beans
--Pizza, salad, peaches
--Peppered steak with Portobello sauce, salad, corn, leftover mashed potatoes
--Tortellini & Italian sausage soup (from this cookbook), easy homemade rolls (I made these last week and put half of them in the freezer)

--Spicy Camp Bars
--Black bean and egg breakfast burritos--I'll freeze these for easy grab and go lunches for Hubby
--Roasted Cinnamon-Sugar Chickpeas

Now it's your turn--what are you eating this week?

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