Monday, March 24, 2014

Menu plan for the week of March 24

So we made these Chicken Guacamole Enchiladas last week, and I loved them!  Like, I could not get enough of 'em.   They were so good.

(By the way, it is so nice to have cooked, cubed chicken breasts in my freezer, ready to add to casseroles.  I will bake a 3 or 5 pound bag of frozen chicken breasts when I need some cooked chicken for a recipe, cube it up and freeze the extra for future use.  Because I already had cooked chicken Hubby and I were able to put the enchiladas together in just a few minutes.)
Funny story.  I was originally going to make these on Tuesday, but didn't feel like it, so I put it off.  So then I was going to make them on Thursday, but that morning I realized that I had neglected to add enchilada sauce to my grocery list, and therefore did not buy enchilada sauce.  So I made my own.  But then I discovered that my husband had taken the tomato that had been earmarked for the guacamole to work that very morning.  Oops.  Those extra 2 days of sitting around in the fridge might be a contributing factor as to why the enchilada sauce was so spicy.  Or perhaps the jalapeños were hotter than normal...and I might have been a little overzealous in my application of jalapeños in both the sauce and the guacamole.

In any case, everyone else thought the enchiladas were too spicy.  Hubby was strangely silent on the matter.  Because he is a wise man. 

Anyway, highly recommend.  If you prefer a more bland flavor, feel free to use commercially prepared enchilada sauce and guacamole.  As for me, I will never to go back to canned enchilada sauce--homemade is much tastier and very easy to prepare--I'll just be a little more careful with the jalapeños next time.

And here's what we're having for supper this week:

--Pizza casserole (from the freezer), broccoli/cauliflower/carrot medley
--Chicken tacos (seasoned this way; double & freeze extra), tortillas, lettuce, tomato, mandarin oranges
--Spaghetti, green beans, garlic toast
--Chicken pot pie (double & freeze extra--yes, you can just freeze the whole unbaked pie), tossed salad, peaches
--Pizza, carrots, applesauce
--Beef stroganoff (from a church cookbook, similar to this recipe), corn, bread

* You might have noticed that there are no side dishes listed for the fish.  This is because I do not eat fish, and consequently do not feel qualified to accessorize the fish.  Hubby will probably want fried canned, sliced potatoes, jello, and corn, if he has to have a vegetable.  Fish is on the menu to free up space in my freezer, which I feel could be better used storing something yummy, like cookies or oreo truffles.

What are you eating this week?

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