Monday, August 21, 2017

Menu plan for the week of August 21

This is so weird, y'all.  The kids being back in school so early.  Just...weird.

So they've had two days of school, and we're waiting for the schedule to settle.  As I've mentioned, the reason school started so early this year is because the high school is undergoing some improvements.  We started early this year, and will start late next year, to allow a longer summer period without students in the building.  As a result of the ongoing construction, bus schedules have been completely reimagined, and busses have been running late.  So late.  Which means that this year, it'll take longer to fall back into "normal."  In fact, we might not get back to "normal" until the kiddos are done with their fall sports.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best with the menu plan.  Here's what we're planning on eating this week, and I'm gonna do my best to make it actually happen.



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