Monday, January 5, 2009

Locked Out

So Caleb and I are back in after being locked out of our house for the second time in 4 days. Considering we were not home for two of those four days, that's pretty bad. The first time, my three oldest boys were on the way home from the airport, and due home any minute. They drove in to the rescue about 2 minutes after we discovered that the garage door had locked when we shut it. You see, the side door of our garage, which is the door we use if we're staying home and want to go outside, has a doorknob lock, plus a deadbolt. I usually leave the knob lock unlocked, so I don't think to check it before closing the door, and this particular lock will stay locked, even if you turn the knob on the inside, so it's easy to accidentally lock yourself out.

This morning, it was 0 degrees outside, and hubby is currently in a brewery somewhere in Colorado, so he's not going to be driving to the rescue. You can see that this was a bit more of a serious problem. I had already formed a plan: check all of the outside doors to make sure they were all locked (which I knew they were because I checked them all when I went to bed last night), and then walk over to the neighbor's house and beg her to drive to the kids' school to get my oldest son's key (which hopefully he transferred over when he switched backpacks about a month ago). After that first incident, I had resolved to have another key made to put in our conbination-locked shed, but of course I hadn't made any specific plans to do so. Now, you can bet we're going to be making Fleet Farm one of our stops today to have not one, but two extra keys made (hubby should have a house key, doncha think?).

So you might be wondering how we got in. One of the doors was unlocked. Yes it was. Even though I checked it last night. Praise God for His provision.

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  1. It's our fault when we left we couldn't lock the deadbolt! Sorry!


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