Friday, January 23, 2009


So I was in Goodwill today, checking out the winter outer wear. I'm still upset by the Target outerwear fiasco (for those of you who don't read the comments on my Dad's blog, I was in Target on a Saturday, and all the boys jackets and most of the snowpants were 50% off. Good price, so I bought some snowpants but decided to wait on buying any jackets. I happened to be in Target again on Wednesday, and noticed at a distance that the racks on which the jackets and snowpants were residing had 75% off signs! Euphoria struck. My hopes were dashed, however, when I got to the racks and realized that the only sizes were 4/5 and 16/18: too small, and much too large for our kids (and I already have two new 16/18 jackets hanging in our basement waiting for Cody to grow into)), but now I have something else to be upset about. Have you seen the prices in Goodwill lately? They had a kids' jacket priced at $24.99, and another at $19.99. Most of them seemed to be around $13. I don't even pay that much for a new (on clearance) jacket!

I was also in Kohls this morning, and found myself wondering who in the world would be willing to pay $110 for a kids' jacket that they're just going to be outgrowing in a year or two...of course, I've been around Kohls enough to notice that everything there goes on sale all the time, so perhaps no one really does spend that much for them.

So I'm on the lookout for a size 6/7 winter jacket, and size 8/10 winter jacket, and size 6/7 snow bibs and size 8 snow pants (black)...Let me know if you see any.

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