Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What else?

I'll tell you what else. A piece of siding fell off our house, and it's snowing. But at least we haven't had any fires or floods, and no major sickness or injury. Hubby tells me he may be able to come home a day early, too, so we won't have much more opportunity for disaster (while he's gone anyway). Then again, we do have a Scout den meeting today, so who knows what'll happen!I have been reminded that I have yet to update you on the personalized saga. I have not yet called the company to report that they messed up yet again. I just don't have the heart for it. The name they were misspelling is Connor. They kept spelling it Conner. So I gave three of the ornaments to my brother and his family (one for mom and dad, one for Tyler and one for Conner...I mean Connor), and kept one for our tree. Scott tells me he has some white-out, so perhaps someone else will get that one next year. My sister in law tells me she might dole out their extras as well.

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