Tuesday, January 6, 2009


You'll all be relieved to know that we now have an extra key to our house hidden in an undisclosed location. You can be sure that when Caleb and I went out to hide the key, I double checked to make sure the garage door was unlocked, then I didn't close the door, and for good measure I was carrying hubby's new extra key in my pocket as well. Caleb wanted to hide the key in the bird feeder, but I managed to convince him that my spot was better.

And continuing with our experiment to find out what else can go wrong while Daddy, our hero, is out of town, my two oldest kids were missing for a brief time yesterday. At about 4:25, I realized that I had never heard the bus or the kids come home. I stepped outside to see if I could see or hear them in the yard somewhere. Nope. So I called the bus company to ask if their bus was running late. Nope. And the bus driver said he didn't remember them even being on the bus that afternoon. OK, that was strange, but not cause for panic yet. I attempted to call the school, but there was no answer in the office (figures--it was 4:30 by then). I had to call back, and luckily the oldest child's teacher was still there. She said oldest child was not with her, but that she'd walk around the school looking for him. At that point, I started to get a little upset, because if Mrs. R put my oldest baby on the bus, he should have been on the bus. I'm a planner, so already my brain was thinking, OK, what's next? Where are the recent pictures of the kids? Is this a 911 or a regular police line situation? Should I stay here or drive to the school to look for them myself? After talking to Mrs. R, I decided I should probably double check to make sure they weren't at home somewhere. Turns out they were out by the bus stop building in the snow. The children have been reminded that if I'm not at the bus stop to meet them they need to come check in with me as soon as they get home, and darn that bus driver for telling the dispatcher that they weren't on the bus that afternoon.

So what else can go wrong? Well, they're not calling for snow until Friday, but I suppose that's always a possibility. I really don't want to think about anything worse...

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