Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cleaning up

I took the opportunity presented by taking down our Christmas tree to rearrange our living room furniture. We've agreed to reevaluate in a month, but I think I like the way we settled on. As we were lifting and moving the couch for the 4th time or so, I was thinking what a good sport my husband is. He didn't complain at all, or even roll his eyes at me (at least that I saw), as I kept saying we had to move this thing here or that thing there. When I was a teenager, I rearranged my bedroom furniture all the time, I'd say at least once a month. I'm not sure why, except that perhaps at that time in my life I needed to feel like I had control over something, and I chose furniture layout. I still get frequent urges to rearrange furniture, but it actually happens much less frequently now.

In the course of cleaning up I found cause to use the hose of the vacuum. The past several times I had used the hose it didn't seem to be working as well, but it did work, so I figured it was probably just my imagination and ignored it. Last night, however, it just wasn't happening, so we took a look to see if the hose was blocked. The hose is black, but when stretched you can see through it, sort of, so that's what I did, one section at a time, until I saw something that didn't look like it belonged there. I thought it looked like a toilet paper holder, you know, the spring loaded thing that holds the roll in the holder, and I thought, that's got to be something that belongs there, because how could something that big get in there if it wasn't supposed to be there?

So my husband disconnected the hose and took a look, and it was a toilet paper holder! As he removed it from the hose, he asked, "do you think we should take a picture?" And I said no, because there's no way anyone would ever believe it, even with a picture. We should have taken a video, but you probably still wouldn't believe it. It works much better now. I wonder how long that thing was in there, and which of my little balls of entropy put it there.

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