Monday, June 8, 2009

My birthday

The boys (sans Caleb) went camping this weekend and tell me they had a good time. I saw the forecast (high of 50 and rainy all day) and decided to opt out of this one. They say they went on lots of hikes and checked out the river. Unfortunately, they forgot the camera, so you'll just have to imagine them exploring caves, standing on bluffs, climbing cliffs, etc.

So guess what I'm doing for my birthday! It's going to be so much fun! I'm having several of my oldest son's best friends over for a sleepover/camp-out. And they're going to bring presents--for him. We're going to eat brats and green stuff (when Cody said he wanted "green stuff," I thought, wow, the kid wants to serve vegetables at his party. It was a proud mommy moment, until I realized that he really wanted that pistachio fluff stuff) and have a bonfire (if it ever stops raining) and eat 4 s'mores each (that's what Code-man tells me, anyway). I'm sure we'll all drink at least two cans of sugary soda, too (well, all of us, except for me, of course). And we're going to ride our bikes and squirt each other with water guns. Maybe I'll even splurge and get some water balloons. And we'll stay up late (again, except for me) making lots and lots of noise. It's going to be great!

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