Friday, June 26, 2009

New Friends

Meet my new friends, Rex (right) and Victoria. They're monarch caterpillars, hence the regal names. My husband was going to pull their home out of the ground (sometimes he gets these silly notions)--good thing I stopped him in time. I'm trying to decide whether to bring them inside to live with me--it's a bit touchy since we're not going to be around a whole lot in the next few months, but I really would like to see them undergo their transformations. I can't really take them with me, just in case there isn't any milkweed available where we go, and I can't just leave them because they need fresh food every day. This is exactly why we don't have pets! Anyway, I think Rex is probably going to make his chrysalis soon, so he would probably be OK.
Here's the garden, looking somewhat jungley. You can see that the pumpkin plants are making a (slow) break for it.
Here's our first tomato flower:We had Vacation Bible School this week. The theme was Camp E.D.G.E. (explore and discover God is everywhere). Today at the end there was a little program. One of the songs was the one that goes, "I will love the Lord with all my heart with all my soul with all my mind and with all my strength."Here's Logo really getting into it.Our last soccer games were Tuesday and Wednesday. I forgot the camera on Tuesday for Logo's last game, but here's a picture of Code-man tending goal on Wednesday. He didn't really need to be this intent on the game, since his team did a pretty good job of keeping the ball away from him--he did make a couple of good saves, though.

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