Tuesday, June 30, 2009


You get one video today. The library was a bit of a zoo...even more so, because there were a shark, an urchin, and two other things that I forget there for the kids to touch...and the library's computer was not cooperating, nor was Bubby, and blogger wasn't really being too friendly either. Yes, I really do know better than to try to do this kind of thing when it's Bubby's nap time, and the library population is swelling to 50 times what it normally is...

So, the lucky winner is...Code-man swimming (breast stroke, I think). There were 8 other videos that I was planning to upload as well. Bummer.
In the good news category, Victoria has gone into her J position, which means she's heading into her chrysalis :-)
Too late, I realized I should have taken the photo from the other side, so it would be an actual J, in honor of Joshua, who will be 2 years old (!) on Thursday. Happy birthday, Joshua, from Aunt Tera and Victoria! (and all those boys who live here)

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