Friday, May 27, 2011

Argh...Costume Edition

I am feeling out-of-proportionally stressed about this costume issue. Should I make the wolf costume because I can and that's what my kid wants? Or should I admit to myself that it's just too much right now and try to explain about priorities and limited resources (which in this case is time and energy) to my child, and have him choose from the tiger, dog, turtle, or frog costumes that we already have? I'm fairly sure his teacher did not mean for this assignment to become an exercise in parenting philosophy, and I'm positive she wouldn't want me to stress about it, and yet, here I am...Argh!

The problem is, I feel like if I decide not to make the wolf costume, it's more because I just don't want to, and not having the time is just an excuse. And that makes the mommy guilt start gushing. Because I really do have the time, it's just that using time for this project will cause other tasks, for which I have already allotted time, to be squished, which causes...stress.

Note to all future teachers of my children: any costumes that you require of my children must be for humans. Furthermore, they must be humans who dress in normal, every-day clothing that my children already have in their closets. Thank you.

Now. Off to check Amazon for a compromise.

I said before I was fairly sure Ms. R didn't mean for this assignment to become an exercise in parenting philosophy, but I am pretty certain that she did mean for it to be an opportunity for learning.  She probably didn't realize, though, that the kid was going to learn about priorities and limited resources, or that the mommy was going to be learning something, too.  Well done, Ms. R.  Well done.

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