Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A day at the farm

After what seemed like a solid week of rain and cold temperatures, I was a little nervous about what the weather would hold for our planned trip to Hugo Animal Farm on Monday, but the day was perfect for our little road trip: sunny and warm.

But before we headed out to see the animals, we spent a couple of weeks making farm animal art projects.  I've already posted about our handprint cows, ducks, and sheep.  We also put together a barnyard full of clothespin-legged farm animals to play with. 
This idea came from First Palette--it was so easy and fun!  I just downloaded the printable template and the kids colored the animal shapes with crayons.  Then I cut them out, the kids glued the shapes back to back and we added clothespin legs.  I tried to get the kids to paint or color the clothespins, but that was a no go--the animals ended up looking pretty good, anyway.  On another day, we put together these cute fences using tongue depressors.  I had thoughts of making a barn out of a box covered with red paper, and I have an empty oatmeal box waiting to be turned into a silo, but I'm not too sure either of those will ever come to be.

So, after practicing with our play animals, we headed out to feed and pet some real ones.  We saw ducks, turkeys, geese, chicks, chickens that lay blue(!) eggs, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, puppies, kittens, horses, and cows.
Here's Pal petting a 3 week old piglet. 
 By the end of the tour Bubby was willing to hold this 3-day old chick.
This "little" guy is 3 weeks old, and bigger than Bubby and Pal put together!
 Look at this big tractor!  We also went on a hay ride, jumped into a big pile o' hay, and explored several fun barns.
 We stopped at a playground on the way home for lunch.  What a fun and gorgeous day!

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