Monday, September 26, 2011

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So the other day, I said to Bubby, "hey, Bud, I think you need a new nickname, since you're going to be four soon.  Any ideas?"  And he said, "Roger."  Didn't even have to think about it.  Roger.  I'll have to ask again in a few weeks, 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a difficult time referring to my baby as Roger.


A few weeks ago, I mentioned my frequent headaches, but I neglected to mention the krill/fish oil supplement that I was paid to take home.  For a long time I've thought I should probably take a fish oil supplement.  I don't eat fish (believe me, I've tried, and it doesn't end well), and I need all the brain boosting I can get.  But I've heard that, quite often, fish oil supplements tend to...repeat themselves, and I didn't want to spend money on fish oil and then find that I couldn't tolerate it.

So, yay, I got some free fish oil to try, so if it ended the way fish does with me, I wouldn't feel too bad about passing the remaining capsules on to someone else.  The day after my headache post is when I started taking the fish oil.  My friends, I have not had a headache since that day.  It could be a coincidence.  Yesterday I forgot to take the fish oil.  And yesterday I felt terrible, and even started to get a pre-headache.  That could be a coincidence, too.  And, yes it does tend to...repeat itself if I don't put some food down on top of it, but it hasn't been too bad.


So, once again, it's Scout fundraising time.  MC is selling popcorn and AKD is selling wreaths and other green Christmas-y stuff.  If you'd like to buy some, great, and thank you.  Read on.  If not, this concludes this post--thanks for reading.

Popcorn options:
If you live near us, or in the Denver area, northern Illinois, or western Michigan, we can have our delivery people deliver...OK, maybe not so much Denver.  Otherwise, you can order online and have it shipped to you by visiting  In the upper right corner, it will say "You are supporting no one. Change."  Click on "Change" and enter Scout ID 9640047.  Then it should say that you're supporting MC and you can click on All Products, Signature Snacks, Microwave Popcorn, Other Treats, or Military Donation to begin shopping.

If you prefer to order from us, here are your choices:
Military Donation: $50 or $30--popcorn will be sent to our Troops (100% tax deductible)
Microwave Popcorn (we've tried the Kettle Corn and Unbelievable Butter and they are both so good):
    ~ Butter Light 18 pack: $18
    ~ Unbelievable Butter 18 pack: $18
    ~ Kettle Corn 18 pack: $20
Caramel Corn:
    ~ Caramel Corn 11 oz: $10
    ~ Butter Toffee Caramel Corn 20 oz: $20
    ~ Caramel Corn with almonds, cashews and pecans 26 oz: $20
    ~ Chocolately Triple Delight (so yummy!) 20 oz: $20
    ~ Cheese Lover's collection (14 oz cheddar cheese corn + 7 oz white cheddar cheese corn): $30
    ~ Sweet & Savory collection (20 oz choc. triple delight+ 20 oz butter toffee caramel corn+ 7 oz cheddar cheese corn): $40 (like getting the cheddar cheese corn for free!)
   ~  White Chocolatey Pretzels (these are the best white choc. pretzels I've ever tasted) 20 oz: $25
   ~  Popping corn 2.5 lb: $10

Seventy per cent of your purchase price goes to local Scouting (and is tax deductible).  So don't think of it as, "I'm paying $1 per bag of microwave popcorn," but "I'm donating $12.60 to MC's Cub Scout pack, and paying $5.40 for 18 bags of microwave popcorn," which is much less than you'd pay retail.

Christmas Greens options:
If you live near us or in northern Illinois, we can have our delivery people deliver, around Thanksgiving time.  Otherwise, your plumb outta luck.

Here are your choices:
Balsam Wreaths decorated with cones and velvet bows
24"-- $16
36"-- $33
48"-- $46
60"-- $51
Door Swag 24" - $14
Centerpiece with cones, ribbon, candle and holiday decorations: $21
Balsam roping 25 feet - $45

Thanks for supporting Scouting :)

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