Thursday, September 29, 2011

Costume angst, revisited...

Remember my costume issues last spring?  You can read about it here and here, if you care to. 

Fast forward 4 months to now.  Bubby's school newsletter informs me that he needs to dress up as a circus animal for the last day of class in October. 

Now, think with me here, for just a minute.  How many different kinds of circus animals are there, really?  You've got elephants and lions...those are the staples.  And then there are sometimes dogs or maybe a bear, but that's about it.  Can you think of any others? 

Drawing on the lessons learned last time I dealt with costume angst, I cast about in my brain for a suitable costume that we already have, and came up with: tiger.  We have a hooded towel that is in the shape of a tiger.  Good.  Tigers aren't really circus animals, but there is a tiger in the circus in Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse, so...good enough.

But not good enough for Bubby.  He doesn't want to wear a towel.  Wait, say that again, but you need to use a kind of whine/wail hybrid voice to get the full effect.

What's a mama to do?
 I found this really cute, really easy tiger mask over at HP Creative Studio for home.  Really easy, as in print on card stock, cut it out, and add an elastic string.  If you want to make it a little more durable, you could laminate it or cover it with clear contact paper.

He loves it!  He wants to wear it all. the. time.  I might have to make another one because the last day of class in October is a month away (good thing it's so easy).  To complete the costume, he will be wearing an orange and gray long sleeved shirt and dark gray with orange accents pants.  No angst here.

And, since we're apparently  n e v e r  going to make it to the zoo, I made some for the Camp Scarlet girls, too.  Now it looks and feels like a zoo around here :)

The flower and butterfly masks can be found here.  There are lots of other free printables from HP, as well.  Have fun, and be sure to come back and tell me what you made.

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