Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I just had to laugh last night.  I was folding laundry, which means I was watching TV, and I saw this commercial.  I think it was for that big box home improvement store--you know, the orange one--but that doesn't really matter.  What does matter is there was this couple, mom and dad, and their baby/toddler, and they're in their living room and they're all smiling and happy and the baby is toddling about cutely.  It's all very wholesome and lovely and american-wayish.  What made it funny was that the set dresser tried to make the room look lived-in and homey and a little messy by...spilling a tub of mega-bloks.

It was so very obvious that the toddler is not the one who spilled those blocks, because, my friends, if he had, they would have been e v e r y w h e r e, not just in a neat little pile at the end of the couch.  And all of the kid's other toys would have been strewn about, as well.  Well, I guess I'll give the set dresser points for's not everyone who notices these little things...just moms.


I've got to share with you this website that I found this morning, full of great ideas for getting messy.  It's  It has dozens of themes and several activities for each theme--so great!  You should check it out.  We'll be doing this in the next few weeks.  I thought of the idea to marble paint a zebra last fall, but never could find a blank zebra form to use.  Well, here it is!  Apparently someone else (who is either better at searching the web or has more artistic talent than me) though of the same idea.


We have high speed internet!  Did I tell y'all that Hubby checked into some form of high speed internet (when is it going to start being just regular speed internet, I wonder), maybe a hot spot, and there's a 2 mile bubble around our house that is not covered?  Really, Mr. Obama, I thought you had us covered here.  I'm a bit disappointed in you.

Anyway, the other day he stopped in to the Verizon store to ask about their mobile hot spots and the guy told Hubby he could borrow one for a few days to try it out!  Unlimited usage!  Isn't that great?  Right now I'm using it to look for polar bear outlines on AKD's iPod (you'll have to stay tuned to see what I'm planning to do with that), and then I'll type the address into my PC's browser to print.  It's been so nice to be able to check my email in 3 minutes, versus the normal 15-20.  Now all we need is a laptop and a wireless printer and...and...and...the cost is still pretty high for the mobile hot spot (although not as high as satellite) *sigh*

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