Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bufo americanus

Bubby rescued these little guys from our pond this afternoon, as I was doing a little weeding and mulch augmentation across the path. 
Poor little guys had jumped in to get their skins wet, and then couldn't get back out.  At one point, while he was holding them, Bubby put the "baby froggy" on top of the "mommy froggy," and said, "he likes riding on he's mama's shoulders!"  Such a cute boy.  Unfortunately, I had put the camera away by then...

He loves them, and wants to keep them as pets. 
He was inconsolable when I told him the toads had to stay outside.  Which is why I found myself searching "how to care for a pet toad" on swagbucks this afternoon (I won 10 SB, in case you were wondering).  Here's one informative site I found--just in case you were contemplating adopting a toad, yourself.  I think I could manage everything except feeding live insects to the toad.  Yuck.

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