Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Gift & A Joyous Reunion

Well, that didn't last long.  Within 4 hours, I broke down and awoke my beloved yeasty beasties from their hibernation.

Last week, a friend told me that she bought me a gift.  She didn't give it to me, mind you, she just told me about it.  I think she was a little ... surprised ... by my completely over-the-top reaction.  There were definitely boisterous hugs involved, and there may have been a happy tear or two.  You see, it just meant so much to me that she would think of me.  And not just think of me in some random or obligated way, but pay attention to something I had said days (or maybe weeks?) earlier, know that this gift would make me happy, and act on it.

The gift?  A plastic-coated whisk.

And it's pink!

And then yesterday, an hour or two after I put the yeasts down for their nap, she gave it to me.

Oh, happy, happy day: I have a plastic-coated whisk!

And it's pink!

And then, AKD came home and tasted the carrot cake Friendship Bread (so good!  You should try it) and asked me if I was going to make zucchini.

It was too much to bear.  A plastic-coated whisk, a request for zucchini Friendship Bread, and you know I was already missing my dear, tasty yeasty friends. 

One more round.  I'll use my whisk, we'll bake up some bread with green flecks, and Hubby tells me his office will eat anything our freezer won't accept.  Then the yeasties can nap.

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