Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Does this tomato look funny to you?

I've given up on gardening.  It's just too disappointing.  Year after year of low yields because my "garden", if you can call it that, doesn't get enough sun.  Whatever.  I'm over it.  Totally.  Over it.
I planted my tomatoes today.
What's that you say?  You thought I was done gardening?  I am.  Done.  Over it.  These tomatoes are not in the garden, though.  As has been my practice for the past several years, I planted a grape tomato plant in a large pot situated near our flagpole, where it gets plenty of sun and produces abundant fruit.
This year, I planned to also plant sugar snap peas around the perimeter of the pot.  Two for the price of one, you see.  The fam loves to eat both right off the vines.
However, there has apparently been a run on sugar snap pea seeds in my town.  In the past 24 hours, I have seen exactly 16 empty slots in seed display thingys where the sugar snap pea seeds ought to be.  They're gone.  It's like the sugar snap pea rapture--only the snow peas have been left behind...
Tomorrow, I expand my search area.  All I need is one measly sugar snap pea packet to make my life complete.  OK.  It won't make my life complete, but it'll make my pot complete.

{I suppose I can order them online...}
I might plant some among the corn as well, you know, so they have something to climb up.
What's that?  Where'd I put the corn if I've given up on gardening?  Well...you see...I got some free popcorn seeds from the Boom Chicka Pop company, and Bubby insisted on planting them.  And I'm sure they won't actually produce anything.  But that's it.  Well...and some zucchini, 'cause I had some seeds leftover from last year.  Might as well see if anything happens.  And in the interests of full disclosure, I planted some spinach and basil in a window box. 
But I am through gardening.  Through, I tell you.  Over it.  So, so over it.

I also planted a patio tomato in this pot. 

Does this tomato plant look funny to you?
That's because it's a marigold.  The tomato is underneath.  Up-side-down.  Topsy-Turvy, you might say.

You've seen those up-side-down tomato planter thingys?  I decided to make my own using an old hanging basket.  I just cut a bigger hole in the bottom of the pot, threaded the leaves through, and filled it with dirt.  Saved myself $9.99 + shipping & handling by making it myself.  Plus?  It's a heck of a lot better looking.  On a whim I decided to put the marigold on top--it was a gift, and I thought, why not?

I had to make the hole bigger than I wanted to in order to get the leaves through, so I put some newspaper in the pot next to the tomato's stem to hopefully keep the dirt in there.  If it doesn't work, I have plenty of dirt.  I guess I can just keep adding more to the top.

If this works, we might just have a whole row of up-side-down tomatoes next year.

Except I've given up on gardening.  Over it.  Totally.

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