Monday, June 9, 2014

Time for a nap, yeasties...

It's baking day again.  Today I made regular, lemon-chia*, and carrot cake Friendship Bread.

Can I just say?  Why don't people make carrot muffins and bread more often?  It's the same as zucchini except the little green flecks are orange instead, and it is so, so delicious!  Carrots are cheaper for most of the year, too.  It's a good thing I baked mine in mini-loaves, because it's got built-in portion control.  Sort of.

I have mixed feelings about this being my last baking day for a while.  On the one hand, I am ready for a break from the stirring, feeding, and baking every 10 days.  I've made a good selection of different varieties--all of the ones I care to try right now--and there's not much more room in my freezer for Friendship Bread.  I'm out of pudding, and almost out of flour (the 10 pounds I bought 2 weeks ago.  Yup).  Plus?  It's getting hot.  I will thank myself 10 days from now when I am not baking 6-8 loaves of bread.

But I've grown attached to my little yeasty beasties.  This is a beautiful starter, my friends.  Sweet and still quite active after all this time.  I think I will be sad tomorrow morning when I look at the corner of the kitchen where my starter has lived these past several weeks and find it empty.

Not to worry, though.  My yeasty beasties will just be taking a little nap in the freezer for a bit.  And when they wake, we will resume our beautiful relationship once more.

Good night, sweet starter.  Sleep well.

* I added 1 tsp lemon extract to my lemon-chia bread this time, and ohmygoodness, so yum.  To make it, from the original recipe, omit cinnamon, vanilla, and cinnamon-sugar topping.  Substitute 2 small boxes (4 serving size) of instant lemon pudding for the vanilla pudding.  Add 1 t lemon extract and 3 T chia or poppy seeds.

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