Friday, June 20, 2014

This week in review

Whew!  We are on summer vacation!  And, in typical Bluefield fashion, I expect I will need a vacation to recover from this vacation.  Those Bluefields, they're always on the move.  But don't worry--there are always plenty of snacks to keep one's energy up.

MC & Bubby are both participating in enrichment classes this week and next.  Bubby is learning about dinosaurs and creepy-crawly things, and MC is learning about ... what else? ... sports.  All three boys are also taking swim lessons, and that rounds out our morning. 

It looks like this: MC, Bubby & Mama leave the house at 7:45 a.m. and drive to Bubby's summer school.  MC & Mama then drive over to MC's summer school, then Mama drives home, arriving sometime around 8:45.  Mama leaves the house again at 9:40 to pick up Bubby, then head over to pick up MC and play at a park for 15 minutes until it's time to get ready for swim lessons.  AKD leaves home on his bike around 10:15 (if it's not raining, which it was 40% of the mornings this week) and meets us for swim lessons.  After waiting an extraordinary amount of time for the boys to come out of the locker room after their swim time is done (seriously, I don't know why it takes them so long.  They don't even change clothes.  They just put their shirts and shoes on, which ought to take ... oh ... 2 minutes, but really takes at least 15), we head home, arriving around 12:30ish, and collapse in a heap before slowly crawling to the kitchen to figure out something for lunch.

The upside to all this busy-ness?  I have not heard "I'm bored" once.

AKD was finally able to get his contact lenses in this week.  We decided to try them so he'll actually be able to see when he's on the soccer field.  Yay, AKD!  And then it took him an hour to get them back out.  For some reason it was unacceptable for him to rub his eyes and then blink repeatedly to get the lenses out.  Those opticians.  I tell ya.  So demanding.

We had 2 soccer games this week, and one rained out game.  MC has only played 3 of the 6 scheduled games so far due to soggy field conditions.  He's missing the last game of the season due to a conflict, so we're looking at a best case scenario of 50% of the games.  He's very bummed about the whole situation, and I am, too.  He's one of the best players on his team, and it's fun to see him play and improve.

AKD's soccer team continues to dominate their division--it's been so great to see the boys learning to work together as a team.  We've been seeing some great passes and terrific plays.

The boards are still off the front porch.  The boys took the boards off last week, and we were working on correcting the slope of the landscape, but we've had so much rain that we haven't been able to get enough dirt--the landscaping place wouldn't sell it to us because it was too wet!  We did manage to get enough done that we haven't had any additional water in our basement, so that's a good thing.

On tap for the weekend?  Some family fun time.  Next week, summer school and swim lessons continue.  We also have a play date scheduled, house guests for part of the week, and 4 soccer games + 4 soccer practices, along with a Boy Scout meeting, and maybe we'll catch a baseball game.

What's going on with you?

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