Monday, July 27, 2015

Menu plan for the week of July 27

Guess what!

I'm taking care of chickens again this week.  Different friends, different chickens.  And more eggs!  They've been getting 18-20 eggs daily.  We are not going to be able to use 18-20 eggs every day, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to make a valiant effort.

As for the extras, if you happen to be local to me, and you'd like some, I'm selling eggs on behalf of the chickens' owners for $3 per dozen.  Because of the bird flu epidemic, and the subsequent mass chicken slaughter, that's about what our local grocery stores are charging for their poor shadow imitations right now.  If you've never had fresh from the homestead eggs, you should give them a try!  They are so yummy, and they're more nutritious, too, not to mention happier.

Yes, the eggs are happier, because their mamas get to roam free and eat bugs and stuff.

I'm also going to freeze some of the eggs.  Did you know that you can freeze eggs?  Well, of course you know that--you can freeze anything.  But did you know that you can freeze eggs and the frozen, then thawed, eggs actually maintain integrity?  Yes, indeed you can, and they do.  I've been freezing egg whites in ice cube trays for a while now, but with the expected influx of eggs this week, I will be freezing whole eggs in a muffin tin.  You probably won't be able to fix them sunny-side up after they've been frozen (since you're supposed to break the yolk), but I eat most of my eggs scrambled or in baked goods, so I'll be all set.  Click here for egg freezing instructions.

Guess what else!

I'm not going to do a menu plan this week.  I'm just going to eat eggs.  Maybe some veggies.  And bake things.  With eggs.

Let me know if you want eggs.

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