Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks

The following is an excerpt from our family's 2004 Christmas newsletter.  MC was a year and 2/3 old; AKD was 4 1/2.

I think about this particular letter at this time of year, for perhaps obvious reasons.  It is so easy to fall into the habit of complaining about our blessings.  All it takes is a change in perspective to change the attitude of our hearts from griping to gratitude.

Happy thanksgiving, my friends.  I pray that this present spirit of thankful gratitude permeates your life, long after the leftovers are gone.

Love and peace.

* * * * *

It's 5:30 in the morning on Thanksgiving Day, and our little alarm clock (MC) didn't get the memo that today is a holiday so we should all sleep in, at least until 6 a.m., so here we are.  It occurs to me that there's no time like the present to reflect on what I'm thankful for, so here goes.

I'm thankful that Hubby's still sleeping because that means at least one of us won't be cranky later on, and maybe I'll be able to take a nap.  I'm thankful for the endless piles of laundry and dishes that need to be washed and put away and for the floors that constantly need sweeping because that means our family has food and clothing and everything we need.  I'm thankful for all the work that goes into maintaining our home because that means we have a safe warm place to live.  I'm thankful that Hubby has been working long hours because that means he has a job to support us.

I'm thankful that our children get into everything and climb into precarious spots (and subsequently require rescuing) because that means they're healthy and curious.  I'm thankful that at the end of each day I have a humongous pile of toys to put away because that means our children are happy and imaginative.  I'm thankful that my children need me so intensely right now, because I know in a few years they won't need me in quite the same way anymore.  I'm thankful that I have the resources to be my kids' mom instead of giving them to strangers to raise.  I'm thankful to have a husband, and father for my children, who loves us very much.

Most of all, I'm thankful that a man died a horrible and tortured death 2000 years ago, because that means I will live forever.  And it means that all of those things I'm thankful for will pass away, leaving in their place God's perfect grace, peace, and love.

* * * * *

Huh.  Seems like not much has changed over the years ... still thankful.

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