Monday, January 11, 2016

Menu plan for the week of January 11

When I was planning meals for this month, I asked Hubby for suggestions.  He gets a little frustrated when I ask him for meal suggestions, because I reject a good portion of his ideas.  I reject them because I know most of the kids won't like them, and my personal feeling is, if I'm going to make something that my kids won't like, it needs to be something I really love, to make enduring the whining worthwhile.

Please note that I said if I am going to make something the kids don't like, it needs to be something I love.  I.  I told him if he wants to eat those things, things the kids won't eat and I don't particularly like either, he needs to make them himself.  And he said OK.  I hope he's mentally prepared to deal with first the whining, and then the leftovers.  Can you guess which meal that is this week?



So, what's your guess for Hubby's meal?  

It's the white sauce with linguine.  That's white sauce from a jar.  Oh my.  I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to even bring myself to buy such a thing.  You can tell it's his meal by the preponderance of starch and the lack of green vegetables.  Oh, I love him :)

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