Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sandcastle Kings: A Review

I recently finished reading Sandcastle Kings: Meeting Jesus in a Spiritually Bankrupt World by Rich Wilkerson, Jr.  In this book, Mr. Wilkerson uses the context of the stories recorded in chapter 7 of the Gospel of Luke to highlight 4 different ways that we build our castles on sand, instead of finding the true joy and fulfillment found in building a life on the solid foundation of Christ.

With personal anecdotes and vivid story-telling, the author explores the stories of the Centurion, the Widow, John the Baptist, and the Sinful Woman, showing how our deepest longings and needs will never be met in the places we tend to look: in self-reliance, in other people, in the world and material things, or even in religion, instead encouraging the reader to seek Jesus.  Mr. Wilkerson contends that our ultimate desires can only be satisfied in Jesus.  Only in looking to Him can we find the peace and joy we desperately crave.

I really liked the book.  I found it easy to read, and enjoyed the personal narrative woven throughout.  I was inspired to really take a hard look at to what or to whom I am looking to find joy and fulfillment.  And what I discovered is that I, like the Centurion, Widow, John, and Sinful Woman, I am not always looking in the right place.

I did find the chapters to be a bit unfocused at times--I would have to flip back to figure out which story, and which "sandcastle" we were currently evaluating--but I still enjoyed the book and learned a lot.

Bottom line: this is an engaging book which will make you re-think your focus.

I received this book for free from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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