Friday, June 9, 2017

Garden update

I guess it's time for a garden update?  Are y'all feeling neglected?  'Cause I certainly feel neglectful... 

The radishes have done well.  I've done four harvests, including this one, and there are still more coming.  The staggered planting has been very effective for us.  Hubby gets just enough radishes at one time for a meal or two.  I'm done planting for the spring, but I might plant more in the late summer for a fall harvest.  If I get to it, that is.

The radishes on the right, the ones with more dirt stuck in more fine white roots, were in the process of bolting.  I should have left them, and attempted to harvest the seeds.  I did give one of those to the chickens, and last I looked in on them, they were investigating cautiously.
Our strawberry harvest has already surpassed last year's harvest and there are lots more berries forming, so it appears my rodent control measures have worked.  We have a mix of June bearers and everbearers out there--I'm letting them run this year to hopefully make new strawberry plants.  I also planted some bare crowns, but nothing's happened with those yet.

I noticed the first flowers on the sugar snap pea plants, so those will be ready soon.

I haven't yet gotten around to planting the corn, tomatoes, or anything else that might catch my fancy at the nursery.  Whoops.  I wonder if I'll be able to harvest anything this summer if I plant next week?

What's growing in your garden?

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