Monday, July 8, 2019

So exciting!

I was planning on giving y'all a garden update today, because the trend seems to be for me to do an update once every two weeks.  But when I went out yesterday to take pictures of everything, my camera, which is actually my phone, went kaput.  Not permanent kaput, but the sudden low battery so it has to shut off right now kind of kaput.

Here's one I took Wednesday--the grape tomatoes.  Yum!

Has this phenomenon happened to you?  Anytime my battery dips below 40% or so, I have to be prepared for sudden phone shut down at any moment.  It's a little frustrating.  But I haven't had time to explore whether it's possible and/or cost effective to replace the battery, and so I just deal with it.  And sometimes that means no pictures, and no garden update.

Tomorrow.  I promise.  I'll go out bright and early with a 100% battery.

But it's ok that you're not getting a garden update today, because


Oh yes, it's Christmas in July for Scarlet :)  I ordered it last night, and it's supposed to be here next Monday!

Get ready, friends, to be bombarded with Cricut posts.  Here we go!

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