Monday, July 15, 2019

Menu plan for the week of July 15

Hi friends.  We're down a man this week.  He's off in Tennessee doing home repair and yard work and sweating a lot and fending off bugs (they grow 'em big down there).  I'm taking advantage of MC's absence to make a few meals that he definitely doesn't like--things with potatoes in them.  I know!  Who doesn't like potatoes?  My kids are weird.

In MC's absence, Bubby learned to mow.
 One of the things with potatoes is pasties, which is giving us an opportunity to use that jar of turkey gravy that I've been asking you how I should use for several weeks.  Yay!  Still have the candy canes and evaporated milk, though.  Humph.

And our muffin streak continues.  This week it's AKD's turn to pick.  When I asked what kind of muffins he wants, he told me he wanted cupcakes.  So I'm giving him pretty-much-cupcakes muffins, also known as bakery style double chocolate muffins.  All they need to be cupcakes is frosting.

What's on your menu?  Here's what we're eating this week.


  • Beef & potato casserole, green beans
  • Nachos, guacamole
  • Pasties, turkey gravy, broccoli/cauliflower/carrots
  • Fend for yourself
  • Hamburgers, buns, chips, jello, raw veggies
  • Hot dogs or brats, buns, pretzels, carrots
  • Grilled pork chops, grilled veggie, garlic toast


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